Education in the US

The modern world is becoming increasingly global in scope, and therefore we all need to be able to communicate on the "international level". Studying abroad not only gives you a good knowledge of a foreign language, but also make your life richer and more interesting.

High School in the USA


Secondary education in the US is well respected throughout the world and is considered one of the most progressivnyh.

Srednee education in the US is well respected throughout the world and is considered one of the most progressive.

American teachers use modern developments in the field of pedagogy. Average private schools in the United States tend to make the child more independent, able to think and make decisions in modern life. Teachers pick up his approach to each student. High School Teacher USA - this is primarily an ally to help your child develop all the talents. This approach US secondary schools promotes proper choice of specialization. Students are lighter and more confidently choose their future profession.

Average US schools can boast of an excellent equipment. Modern equipment offers students receiving education in America, more opportunities for self-discovery and experimentation. In the US, there are many public and private schools. There are also special schools for learning the sciences, arts or sports. Private schools in the US offer to foreign students two types of residence in the United States: in the academic campus or family.

Partner schools AKI Inter are close to the city, in a quiet suburban area - a university town where you can start a US student life. Partner schools AKI INTER operate in all regions of the United States of America. But it's worth noting that all schools are provided with the same high standards of training.

What are the stages of secondary education is in the US?

Secondary education in America includes three basic steps

Elementary - starting US school. Education at this level begins between 5 and 12 years. Primary education in American schools include subjects such as writing, reading, singing, fine arts, physical education, natural sciences. Education at the primary level is more like a game. Many classes are replaced with group projects, trips for excursions, creative competitions.

Middle School - US secondary schools. At this stage of learning to children from 11 to 14 years. Education in America's secondary school includes such disciplines as social and natural sciences, English language, mathematics and physical education. Private and public schools in the United States also offer students to choose subjects for in-depth study.

High School - the highest US school. Education here conforms to the European high school. Subjects for the study are chosen by the students themselves. To complete secondary education in America students of the higher school of the USA must meet the minimum requirements for knowledge. Training ends with a diploma.

In the USA there are 3 types of schools:

  • Public School (Public High school)
  • Private Day School (Private High school)
  • Private boarding school / boarding school (Private Boarding school)

1) Training programs in US public schools offer international students the opportunity to study with American students get a certificate of completion of secondary school, (High School Diploma) which allows you to go to college or university, participate in sports and recreational programs, as well as a unique opportunity to live with an American family and learn the customs and traditions of the peoples living in the United States.

Foreign students enrolled in high schools in the United States live with American host families who are carefully selected and regularly inspected by the police and schools.

In public schools, the senior school level, students can learn from the 15 to 18 years. All candidates must have a good and excellent marks for performance (confirmed report card on the performance over the past 3 school years), to be motivated (confirmed letter of motivation from the student), to pass the test SLEP * with a minimum grade 45, students should not even finish high school in his country.

2) Private schools offer a much wider range of academic disciplines, lessons in small classes, individual approach to learning, the better the material base of more qualified personnel. Studying in daytime private school, you can get a quality education and to reduce some of the costs due to the child's stay in the host family.

3) This is the elite schools that offer the best conditions for learning and their school of residence. Such a school - ideal for preparation for admission to a prestigious university. In schools, the senior school level, students can learn from 5 to 18 years.

List of high schools in the United States:

  1. Admiral Farragut Academy
  2. Besant Hill School
  3. Canterbury School
  4. Cate School
  5. Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
  6. Dwight School
  7. Hawaii Preparatory Academy
  8. Hotchkiss School
  9. Interlochen Arts Academy
  10. Kent School
  11. Loomis Chaffee
  12. Lyndon Institute
  13. Miami Day School
  14. Phillips Academy Andover
  15. Pine Crest School
  16. Ross School
  17. Rumsey Hall School
  18. Salisbury School
  19. South Kent School
  20. Johnsbury Academy
  21. Paul’s School
  22. Stevenson School
  23. Suffield Academy
  24. The Grier School
  25. The Gunnery School
  26. The Hun School of Princeton
  27. The Storm King School
  28. The Webb School
  29. The Winchendon School
  30. Trinity School
  31. North Broward Preparatory School
  32. and so on. d.

Tuition fees in private schools in the United States varies depending on the school: for accurate information, call us or visit our office.

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