Education in UK

In the United Kingdom are the most famous universities in the world, including Cambridge University and University of Oxford. Educational institutions across the country have a well-deserved reputation for high standards and quality of teaching.

Pre-Masters in the UK


These courses prepare you quickly and effectively for postgraduate degree study in the UK.

As well as exam preparation, it develops the academic study skills you’ll need for success. You’ll also improve your abilities in Business English. Core content modules develop the English skills you need at Masters level. You will improve your communication and writing skills, and learn how to understand and discuss complex English texts. Graduate preparation courses suitable for your own language needs will help you in the most important areas for your chosen discipline.


This three or six-month English language course prepares you quickly and effectively for a postgraduate course at a UK university. It will provide in-depth preparation for the IELTS exam, develop the academic study skills you will need and give you a broad knowledge of Business English.


First Trimester

28 lessons per week for 50 minutes of preparation for the IELTS; development of business communication skills training and academic skills, such as lecture notes and scientific research methods

Second Trimester

28 lessons per week for 50 minutes of preparation for the IELTS; improving vocabulary (business English, including finance), academic skills training - in-depth practice of writing and listening skills lectures

The price of the course includes:

  • Full tuition
  • A detailed report on the academic achievement on completion of the course, with grades for all courses and subjects
  • Service enrollment in universities

Maximum class size: 15


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