Getting the education abroad is very easy.

Getting the education abroad is very easy. But frequently, you might encounter a few problems. To eliminate these problems it`s necessary to meet with professional education consultants at least 6 months in advance before sending the child abroad in order to give him the appropriate advice on future plans.

The students who want to get an education, first of all, should believe in theirselves and make rational use of their knowledge derived from experience. Educational Counselor of AKI - INTER before sending students abroad, explains the following items:

  1. Knowledge of education.
  2. How should student act in country where he will study in future?
  3. Relationship between student and teachers.
  4. The mode and way life of different countries.
  5. How to behave if appear difficulties in study.
  6. If there are any problems with health to whom you should apply.
  7. The assistance with opening of the bank account.
  8. The explanation of necessary transportation to educational institutions.

We also, assist our students in case if they encounter with below problems as:

  1. Loneliness in the unfamiliar country.
  2. Absence of acquaintances and friends in educational institution (our representative is ready to assist students 24 hours with any situation).
  3. Communication of the student with the obscene company of friends (parents for frequently don't know about it at all).
  4. A carelessness to the student from educational institution`s side.
  5. Poor progress and not attendance of occupations of the student. Students often face such problems and as a result are plucked, without having warned parents in due time about the problems their situation is aggravated and it threatens with an exception of educational institution. As a result the child loses trust of the parents and opportunity to continue study.

Our purpose is to help your children with education and provide them with bright future.

If your child wants to get an education abroad and to use our service, he should to pass registration our office.

  1. In each country we have offices, representatives and group of professional lawyers who are ready to solve any incipient problems of students (offices LIKE – INTER: Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan).

Solution of problems:

  1. Acceptance to educational institution.
  2. Assistance in examination.
  3. The transfer from one educational institution to another.

Entrust the children to us!

* If you sent your child abroad without our help and faced with any problems, never late to be registered with AKİ – INTER.

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