AKI-CENTER offers English language courses in advanced methodology. Our specialty is one-year English language courses with different methods for all age groups, starting from 6 years old.

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Information About the course

AKA-CENTER english courses.
AKI-CENTER English language courses. AKI-CENTER offers English language courses for improved methods. Our specialization in different methods-it-on-year educational programs for all age groups, starting from the age of 6 in the English language. The study methodology, these are lessons that our courses in English, is divided into 7 level. In addition to the strong language in the educational process more effective learning is achieved during the year, so people are trying to learn foreign languages, as well as year to calculate their strength, nor English, basic education, employment or other professions, sometimes it was difficult to adapt. 
Upon completion of these courses are given Certificates of International Level.

The International language center "AKA CENTER"
ISO was: 9001:2000.
Teaching methods in english language teaching
Effective methods.
AKI CENTER company "X" "X-kids" are the result of a long and successful teaching of foreign languages ​​for adults and for children and adolescents in the unique educational system. Developed by leading linguists and teachers, "X" in the classroom with interactive technology that combines cutting-edge methods of education is one.

Methodology "X" speeds up the process of language learning and, in contrast to the traditional methods of teaching in the other language schools, is based on three key components: a class with a teacher in the classroom, interactive computer technology and a variety of cognitive - recreational activities together c AKIClub: meeting in a cafe, dating with famous people, conversation clubs and parties.

Over the years, we have seen that the study of a foreign language the most important thing - it is a good teacher. A qualified teacher is available explains the material shows its entertaining examples and support your interest throughout the study. Our teachers - vycokokvalifitsipovannye lingvicty pedagogi and from the UK, the US and Russia - are ready to offer help and support in the classroom, and outside during AKI Club events. All professionals undergo compulsory annual training in training centers in Boston, London, Manchester and Sydney. We are very proud that our teachers are constantly getting the highest rating in the polls that are conducted among students AKICENTER schools after the course.

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