AKI-CENTER offers English language courses in advanced methodology. Our specialty is one-year English language courses with different methods for all age groups, starting from 6 years old.

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AKI CENTER - English courses.
Below are descriptions of each level, the duration of the study material on each of them and the requirements for your knowledge when applying for a particular level, as well as the knowledge that you will receive at the end of the level.
English language course. From beginner to advanced level.


Private lessons
Classes are held in groups of 5 people, which allows us to maximize the effectiveness and impact to bring them closer to individual classes, retaining the advantages of the group, and this in the first place: the low cost, the class work in pairs, training communication skills.

English Language Tutor -  is a specialist possessing various methods of teaching English from classical to heavy. Therefore, English language tutor can combine the methods of work, taking into account the individual characteristics of the student.
English language tutor, knowing your purpose, will offer the most productive way to achieve it.
MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY. Manifest all the advantages of an individual approach.
Learning time is not spent on other students, and English language tutor has the ability to be better suited to the presentation of the material. There is no problem of inconsistencies student levels. There is an opportunity to engage not only in uchebnikamHEADWAY, MURPHY, STREAMLINE, TOEFL, IELTS, but also various special courses.
MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY GRAPHICS. Classes are held in the morning, afternoon, evening on any day of the week according to the customer's wishes. A combined schedule of classes, taking into account the schedule of study or work student.
HOW TO ACTIVITIES ? You must apply to the Central Office
A clear approach to the study of grammar.
Won several prizes higher comprehensive course with diverse additional materials, gained immense popularity among students and teachers. This course combines proven traditional teaching methods with methods based on more recent developments on the teaching of English. 7 levels of training of students is conducted from beginner to advanced level, using clear and accessible approach that develops both accuracy and fluency in all four aspects of language skills: speaking, listening (listening), reading and writing. The lessons have a clear structure and provided with titles that explain the purpose and nature of each job. Grammatical material is presented in context and supported by exercises that encourage students to develop rules for themselves. The section "Overview of the language" in each lesson gives a brief summary on the grammatical structure and its use. This section relates to the comprehensive 'Grammar section' at the end of the book, which serves as an important reference tool for both before and after class and during it. The course offers a wide variety of workshops on supervised practice, such as the modification proposals and filling in missing prepositions, words and phrases to free practice, such as role-playing game. These exercises train the accuracy in the use of language in four main areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Systematic and diversified work with the words.
The course clearly separates work the words into three elements:
1. learning new words with similar meaning groups
2. Develop useful skills to increase your vocabulary, for example, the use of monolingual explanatory dictionary
3. Systems understanding vocabulary, such as the relation of sound and writing, letters, which can not be read, word-formation.
The texts are taken from a variety of different sources. This newspaper, magazines, interviews and radio programs. Many of the original texts from sources adapted according to the level and purpose of the lesson.
Each level textbook, there are several different genres of books for home reading. In the initial levels adapted texts on advanced - the originals.
Our recommendations:
Learn the material of this phase, real opportunities for work and study abroad. They confirm your ability to use the English language in any situation. What's your level after the course can be seen in the table level.

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