Education in UK

In the United Kingdom are the most famous universities in the world, including Cambridge University and University of Oxford. Educational institutions across the country have a well-deserved reputation for high standards and quality of teaching.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is rich in history, culture and contrasts. You will find breathtaking natural beauty and some of the most vibrant cities on earth.

It is a place where the arts and sport flourish, and where a spirit of opportunity prevails. British are famous for their friendliness and generosity. They are very open to learning about new cultures and enthusiastic about sharing their own culture with you - after all the United Kingdom is the true "melting-pot" of the world. Wherever you stay, immersing yourself in the life of this great country for a year will allow you to experience the diversity and excitement of the UK at first hand.

Students at a British high school will enjoy a wide range of academic courses in arts and sciences. What's more, there will be a broad range of extracurricular activities to choose from and you will be able to make friends with many British teenagers.

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